Checking new ghosts in a new place is always a bit like approaching a strange dog: will he bite or will he want to play ball?

My second autobiographical manuscript (following “Stalked By Spirits …””) is a compilation of some of my scariest, sometimes hilarious, and always bizarre personal adventures hunting hauntings, bumping into banshees, and enduring some very strange living characters along the way.  My tales stand apart from the majority of the current ghost hunting books in that I am not a member of any organized “scientific” paranormal group.  I simply volunteer my abilities as a Sensitive and end up in situations such as discovering the residual image of an Ybor City axe murderer sitting in a bathtub, consoling a television cameraman who can’t stop the resident hotel ghost from tossing his camera bags all over the bathroom, and trying to interview an ancient matron who insists that her talking doll was delivered by aliens.  There are plenty of tales to freeze a few spines, such as the insane wraith that haunts the second-floor “basement” of a Florida cigar shop, and the small slave boy who continues to run from his sadistic overseer at Kinglsey Plantation.

Oscar Wilde warned in “The Canterville Ghost” :

If you don’t mind a ghost in the house, it is all right.

Only, you must remember that I warned you …