Haunted since childhood, Vivian Campbell has encountered angry wraiths, mischievous child spirits, terrorizing demons, and all sorts of bizarre, unearthly beings. Vivian relives these chilling and thrilling experiences in Stalked by Spirits, including how she and her family suffered violent phantom attacks, received small favors from a little girl ghost, negotiated with a demanding spirit, welcomed back a dearly departed pet, tolerated ghostly attendance at holiday dinners and Girl Scout meetings, and waged hair-raising battles with an evil entity threatening their baby daughter.

Taking us inside a variety of spirit-infested, often beautiful places—a stone mansion in the Tennessee mountains, a century-old college dorm, the first apartment she shared with her new husband, and the beloved Florida home that’s been in her family for generations—these true tales vividly capture an extraordinary and haunted life.

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As these chilling and entertaining true tales attest, denizens of the spirit world flock to Vivian no matter where she is, making their ghostly presence known in eerie—and often amusing—ways. From disembodied high-heeled footsteps click-clacking down the hallway to a possessed portrait with piercing white eyes jealously glaring at her, these stories vividly recount five of Vivian’s strangest encounters with the earthbound undead.

For as long as she can remember, Vivian has been able to sense spirits and tune in to all kinds of paranormal phenomena. She has met with unearthly houseguests in every place she has called home, including the much-loved and creepy Florida house that she lives in to this day. Five generations of Vivian’s family have resided in the old house—always knowing that they shared it with spirits.

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