Vivian Campbell” is a second generation native Floridian, born in Orlando a good decade before King Mickey Mouse cemented over a lovely old swampy orange grove on the outskirts of town. Dubbed “Ghost Magnet” for her ability to mind her own business and still have spooks tapping on her shoulder, Vivian has lived in haunted houses from Tennessee to Georgia to Florida. She enjoys locating supernatural entities for historical tour groups, authors, and curious residents. Some of her experiences (under her real name) have been included in the book Oldest Ghosts by Karen Harvey, and the books Ancient City Hauntings: More Ghosts of St. Augustine and Ghost Hunting in Florida,; and Ghosthunting Florida, all by Dave Lapham. Tours St. Augustine based several of their ghost tours, including Shadows of the Past, on some of Vivian’s paranormal investigations in America’s oldest city. Vivian’s spirit sensing abilities were also featured in the 2005 “Haunted Houses” segment of Turner South’s Blue Ribbon television series.

Vivian and her family still live in her creepy, creaky, sometimes cranky, but very beloved five-generation home – and with many of the same ghosts – that are detailed in her first book, “Stalked By Spirits: True Tales from a Ghost Magnet,” which will be published in Jan 2012 by Llewellyn Worldwide, Inc.: