Since you guys have gotten to know my haunted house a little bit, I thought you’d get a chuckle out of my ghosts’ latest antic:
It’s 11 AM on a bright, sunny Tues morning. Just now, I was upstairs typing on the upstairs computer when I heard the downstairs kitchen sink turn on full blast and then the sound of something plastic bouncing merrily across the kitchen floor. Gwyneth & the dog both are upstairs with me and Miranda is at Valencia, so there was no doubt who the culprit was. LOL! I walked downstairs to check it out. As soon as my feet hit the top stop, the sound of the running water stopped. I found the sink bone dry (of course!) and an empty plastic water bottle was laying in the middle of the kitchen floor. I laughed and said out loud, “Really??? OK, thanks for reminding me about taking out the recycling, but you could have at least really WASHED my dishes!”
I love my haunted house!