(This is from my St Augustine, FL, author & ghost hunting pal, Karen Harvey):

This is another weird one. Yesterday I had a tour and we visited the Father O’Reilly house. Several years ago I was over there and someone said something about ghosts. I walked into the room with the video and it went crazy and then shut down. When I was there yesterday I told the story to the hostess and, yes, the same thing happ…ened. The equipment shut down. Nobody touched anything. The lady and I just laughed and she said I was not permitted to go into that room anymore. This never happened anytime other than when I was there.

Then I walked outside and this lady was smelling Confederate Jasmine. That is the smell everyone smells around me in lighthouse park. There was no jasmine anywhere around. I tried to explain to the lady that it was me, but she wouldn’t believe it. We walked all around the building, but there was no jasmine to be found.

My ghosts are back and following me!

Hugs to you and the girls!