Bedtime at Spook Central: the time for all little ghosties to play!  Night lights pop on and off; towels get tossed; cell phones levitate from table tops and get plunked into the trashcan … and there’s no telling who or what might jump in bed beside you!  Years ago, my former mother-in-law was attacked during an afternoon nap … but, you’ll need to read my book to hear THAT story.

My nightly visitor has been my cat … but, not the one who’s presently alive.  She’s not allowed to sleep with me because she thinks it’s entirely proper to knead on my head at 3:00 AM.  I can lock her out, but I’m still trying to figure out how to ghost-proof  my bedroom door, because, every so often, I feel a small body jump on my pillow, four little paws slink across my bed … and just disappear.  This happens with the lights fully on, so I KNOW it’s not Savannah (my living cat).  The other night, it curled up next to me for a few seconds, then faded off.   Sigh.  At least it doesn’t bug me at 3:00 AM … yet.

Ghost cats in our house are not uncommon.  We’ve them romping around our home for a decade or so.  The primary one is my late kitty, Black Magic, who lived to the ripe old age of 17 and is buried in my peace lily garden in my back yard, covered by a wad of catnip and an alabaster “Kitty Crossing” sign.”  Magic left us two months before the birth of my first daughter, Erin, who is now in her late teens.   A few years after Magic’s death, Erin asked me why my former pet was hanging around her bedroom!  Kitty Ghostie Magic became Erin’s luminous little friend, along with another white spirit cat that liked to rub against my legs while I was cooking breakfast … but, again, those are stories found in my book!